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Your custom, comprehensive plan to reach new performance goals with smarter, better marketing.

Don’t waste another second – or dollar – wondering why your marketing doesn’t work or what you should be doing instead.
I went into the Pathfinder thinking it would help me about my web presence. I walked away not only having thought about it at a level I couldn’t have achieved on my own, but with a realistic, achievable, and incredibly unintimidating plan that I can implement. This was, quite simply, the single best investment I’ve made in my business.

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Client happy with the creativity of Chris Bintliff from Not Really Rocket Science


Frustrated or unsure about marketing’s impact in your company?


Your marketing is meaningless

Your website doesn’t drive much business (or traffic), doesn’t seriously support your sales efforts, and doesn’t have a strategic place in your business and success plans.

You've tried some stuff

Maybe you’ve boosted a post, or dabbled into a few social media channels. Maybe you have a “weekend website” that a colleague or freelancer (or cousin, or intern) whipped up for you.

Or you haven’t tried much at all

Should you have a blog? Should you be on Twitter or buy Google ads? You have a bunch of email addresses… what about those?

You don’t know what you don’t know

So you – a business leader, decision-maker, owner or founder – are out here googling solutions and scratching your head on digital marketing instead of leading the vision of your company. Or you, a marketing leader in your company, want (maybe need!) to make the right next moves to help modernize a marketing engine.

Tired of trying all the tactics with nothing to show for it?


You’ve tried all kinds of markety-type-stuff.

Spent a few dollars on ads here and there. Got on all the social media channels. Put some effort (and money) into a new website. All with no movement on that proverbial needle.

Nobody Knows What Nobody Knows

If you asked 5 people in your company, “what do our customers value most” you’d get 5 different answers. Or you’ve never thought to ask what your customers value most – you just assume everybody knows.

You have a lot of assumptions and best guesses

Quick, what motivates your customers most – savings, convenience, or experience? If you answered huh? we should talk.

Surveying or focus groups isn't realistic for you

Your company doesn’t have a robust email list or significant website traffic that allows for meaningful data capture, but you know you need to do better.

Imagine a custom roadmap that told you exactly what to do, why, and when


Imagine having a researched, comprehensive analysis

On what your website or digital marketing could be doing, reverse-engineered from business goals like getting more traffic, leads, or revenue.

Guesswork - eliminated. Gut-checks - gone

Assumptions and hunches are not business plans or marketing strategies. Begin working from a shared knowledge, vocabulary and understanding of your customer.

Know with confidence

The key characteristics of what your customer values most (and how it’s probably not what you think it is) and demonstrate that knowledge in how you approach new customers.

Imagine getting specific recommendations

Tailored for your organization’s capabilities, business goals, and competitive landscape.

Imagine receiving detailed, expert guidance

On what you could and should do to build a high performance marketing engine that develops your brand. A literal todo list that takes all the mystery and frustration out of your marketing path and points you firmly in the right direction.


My name is Chris Bintliff

  • I’m a seasoned career digitalist who’s helped companies like yours and brands we’ve all heard of make their marketing more meaningful.
  • I’ve helped businesses like yours develop measurable (often dramatic!) business impact as a result of better, smarter digital marketing.
  • My strategic, tactical, and creative work has won awards and won customers.
  • We start every Agency or CMO engagement with the strategic discover of Pathfinder – it’s that essential to getting powerful results quickly. Get it as a standalone service to strengthen your marketing.

Here’s how it works and what you get

You and 2-3 others from your team will join me for a two 2-hour guided discovery sessions over Zoom. Ahead of our meeting I’ll send you some easy questions about your current state – metrics and key performance indicators. I’ll use those to help me chart new performance goals.

In Session One, we’ll talk about what you’ve been doing and how it’s been going. I’ll be in listening mode.

In Session Two, we’ll focus on your customer and how they connect to your offerings, exploring and giving structure to:

  • What your customers value most and what motivates them
  • What you deliver that offers them relief and excitement

I’ll get all the insight I need from our sessions together, and then I’ll get to work developing perspective on:

  • A website audit, ($650 value) where I’ll review for problem areas in everything from design to language to the user experience.
  • Competitive and industry analysis on what others in your space are doing better – or not – than you are.
  • Audience characteristics analysis – what digital habits or online behaviors does your audience exhibit that you can leverage?
  • Offline assets analysis that examines how your brand and marketing intersect with pdfs or sell-sheets, sales or pitch decks, trade show materials and business cards, etc.
  • Comprehensive marketing analysis – How does your current state website, email marketing, social media, or sales processes need improvement to achieve new results?
  • Easy to understand characteristics of your ideal customer that your entire organization can internalize and articulate – no more guesswork or gut-feelings.
  • Attributes to prioritize and focus on for both your customer and your company – you’ll tell the right story to the right audience.
  • Delivered in a strategic brief, graphic PDF, and video walkthrough that may showcase examples of what to start, stop, and contine doing to maximize your marketing opportunities.

About two weeks after our sessions together you’ll receive your customized report and expert recommendations.

Where practical, you’ll see a focus on results and business impact from page 1 of the report. If you do these things, I think you can realistically see a return of this much.

From broad to specific, you’ll get high impact recommendations across your digital marketing spectrum, including your website, outbound and inbound digital marketing, content marketing and more.

Recommendations are prioritized into a grid indicating highest importance and urgency so you know what to do now, next, and then.

You’ll receive a comprehensive deliverable that’s easily shared among others on your team or with outside contractors or agencies:


  • PDF of 15-25 pages that’s a mix of educational and recommendations
  • Walk-through video where I share visual feedback, examples, and illustrations.
  • Proposal, if appropriate, for how me and my team can continue service to you

Know your path to modern marketing that’s prioritized for impact.



Which distinguishes those who are serious about marketing success and its potential impact on sales and business, and is easily recouped through my recommendations.

It’s also risk free. If after I deliver my analysis you think I’ve wasted your time or not set you on a clearer path to success, I’ll give you your money back.


  • Brand Blastoff
  • Website Audit
  • Website Design
  • CMO
This is easy

A few need-to-knows

What happens after I pay?
You’ll also receive a link to schedule 2 hours in my calendar for our first Pathfinder session. Please make sure you’ve coordinated with any others on your team that might be joining the call (3 people max from your team, please). You’ll also receive a link to an easy set of questions I’ll need answered in advance of our session.
I'm concerned about sharing some inner-workings of my business.
Don’t be. Anything you share with me is shared in strict confidence, and I need a complete understanding to make my best, most informed recommendations. I’ve also worked with major brands and their highly secretive product roadmaps; I’ve earned my reputation and longevity in my career by doing things with integrity.
What if we don't have a website? Haven't tracked analytics? Aren't measuring some stuff or know the answers to some of your questions?
That’s okay – the not knowing is a data point that we can take action on.
No seriously, we've done like zero digital marketing. We don't even know what we're doing over here.
Then this is without question the smartest thing you can do to get started.
We're just starting up or are a pretty young company. Is this right for us?
Yes. This is the smartest thing you can do to get started.
What happens after we receive your report and analysis? What do we do then?

That’s up to you! It’s your property. I’ll have suggested action items, some with timelines. You can literally hand my recommendations to a marketing agency or people on your marketing team and say, “Here, start doing these things.” You can choose the areas of top concern or most practical action. Further consulting from me or our full agency services to tackle your objectives may also be available.

Do you guarantee the results of your recommendations?
No, and no legitimate marketer can make guarantees like that (so avoid those making crazy promises). Marketing has, like any business investment, inherent risks and the potential for learning can sometimes be the most valuable result. I’ll have confidence in my recommendations, though, and I have a proven track record of success so you can be confident too.
What if after you deliver your recommendations and analysis I think you’re a lying stealing charlatan with not a single good idea rattling about his head?
The results I recommend can’t be guaranteed, but the value of my analysis and recommendations is. If you think I’ve wasted your time, I’ll give you your money back.





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