Eliminate limitations and frustrations with done-for-you digital marketing that creates traction to drive conversion. 

Content Marketing That’s Stupid Easy.


Send us a recording of you talking about what you’re good at talking about.


AttractionEngine by Not Really Rocket Science does all the content marketing for you

That’s it. You’re done.

And we’re just getting started.


Your Video or Audio Recording

Professional Podcast

YouTube Video

Social Media Posts

Blog Post


You’re the expert. We’re the engine.


Set Up for success

  • A podcast engine that embeds into your website and publishes to all major podcast platforms and apps:
     + many more
  • No fancy, expensive gear required. You can record with the computer, phone, and headphones/microphone you already have.
  • Don’t sweat it if you don’t yet have a YouTube channel, social channels, or an email service provider – we can build them for you

Posted Perfection

  • Your recording is distilled into a search engine optimized blog post for your website
  • Send to your email subscribers for consistent engagement


  • Send us new recordings weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and we’ll publish your new episodes accordingly
  • We’ll even send you calendar reminders to record and send over new episodes

Your Brand:Amplified

  • Custom music bed and voiceover introduce and close your episodes with your call to action
  • Motion graphics turn your video into a promotional powerhouse
  • Graphic design for your blog, social media, YouTube and more

Fully managed

  • We’ll produce, publish and post for you across your channels or we’ll work alongside your existing marketing team as production support

like we said: stupid easy

  • From starting with strategy to sending us files, we’ve eliminated hassles and time consuming frustration
  • Flexible production options and pay-as-you-go keep you in command

I always wanted to podcast, and my customers have been asking for it for a long time. I had no idea how to start and no time to figure it out. AttractionEngine is incredible – I can just focus on what I’m good at, send it over and boom – fully managed content marketing that looks and sounds amazing.

Mike Kerrison



Million people will be listening to podcasts within 2 years

  • 41% of podcast listeners make $75k a year or more5
  • There are avid fans of business podcasts in 13 million households6


of adults use YouTube, the most popular online US platform

  • YouTube has more than 2 Billion logged-in monthly users3
  • YouTube is second only to Netflix as the preferred platform for watching video among 18-34 year olds4


more monthly leads are produced by companies with a blog

  • 80% of internet users interact with both social media and blogs1
  • Businesses that blog get 55% more website visitors than businesses that don’t2

Yeah but what a hassle

You probably know content marketing is a must. But getting started, scheduled and sustained seems like a lot of work that will take time you don’t have.

Solves This

First we prepare

2 weeks



Strategy to help us know you, your brand and your goals

  • Align on production cadence
  • Brainstorm podcast essentials
  • Schedule your first episodes


Building your engine with your business in your brand

  • Scripting, voice over, music, titles
  • Graphic themes and templates
  • Setting up and submitting

Tightening Bolts

Making essential connections from ignition to launch

  • Integrating channels and platforms
  • Establishing new channels


You submit your first episode using our easy uploading engine

Then we produce

2 weeks



We improve and edit, from sweetening audio to color grading video



Applying your visual and audio assets we’ve created


Satellites STATIONED

Creating blog post, graphic and video promotions, social media and email content



Your episode is broadcast across your channels and platforms

Every Single Week

With custom options to have us fully setup and manage your social media, post to your website, publish to your email subscribers and more.

This is how it works

Send Your Recording

Through our easy uploader. Use your computer or phone to record around 15 minutes of awesome. Record on your own or we can interview you and manage the process entirely.

There. Your job is done.


You'll look and sound amazing

With professional editing, color grading, sound improvement and more.

Branded With Brilliance

We apply your custom motion graphics, music bed and professional voice over to open and close each episode. Calls to action drive listeners and viewers to know you better.

Produced Into A Podcast

  • With your own online podcast player, custom artwork and more
  • Distributed to the most popular platforms like Apple, Google, Spotify and more to grow subscribers and listeners
  • Embedded into your website

Published to YouTube

Your finished video gets published to the second most popular search engine, ready to grow an audience.

  • If you don’t have a YouTube channel, we’ll set it up for you
  • We can fully manage your channel for you – set it and forget it.

Made Amazing with Graphic Design

To make your social media magical, emails engaging, and blogs beautiful


Worth a thousand (well, 500-1000) words

We write a search engine optimized blog post of ‍500-1000 words for your website, penned from the key concepts your episode covers.

  • We can fully manage posting to your WordPress website
  • If you don’t have a blog on your site, we can create one

Amplified Everywhere

Custom preview videos, graphics, and text, ready for the world. We can:

  • Fully manage your social media for you
  • Set up social platforms for you to reach new people
  • Write, publish and manage email marketing of each episode, engaging your subscribers
AttractionEngine digital content marketing from Not Really Rocket Science turns your episodes into fully managed social media posts promoting your podcast

Again and again and again

And all you have to do is just send us a recording! Pay-as-you-go monthly, so no contracts or commitments.

AttractionEngine from Not Really Rocket Science designs your podcast cover art and more
AttractionEngine from Not Really Rocket Science publishes and manages your podcast across the most popular platforms from Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon and more
AttractionEngine digital content marketing from Not Really Rocket Science designs and manages your social media promotion

Not Frequently Asked But In Case You Have Questions

How do episodes, podcasts, etc. help me create new business?
  • Your episodes include calls-to-action for listeners or watchers, such as “visit us at yourcoolwebsite.com to learn more,” or “enter code ‘awesome’ at checkout to save 10%.”
  • Blogs, videos, and podcasts have aggregative returns: the podcast or blog post you create today will have relevance next month and next year, continuing to attract new audiences.
  • Blogs, YouTube videos, and regular social sharing contribute positively to organic search performance.
  • Your credibility in the eyes of a curious prospect increases when they see your library of expertise and authority.
  • Content can be a significant sales aid – imagine a sales rep sending along a link to one of your topical videos or podcasts to an interested prospect.
How often should I record new episodes? How long should they be?

AttractionEngine nurtures your audience best with at least 60 minutes of your recorded content each month, which we can split into about four, weekly 15-minute podcasts and associated creative assets. The most important thing is what you can realistically commit to – one 30 minute episode/month is much more effective than zero episodes/month. We’ll work with you to define the cadence that’s right for you.

Can I record interviews, show demonstrations, show a workshop I recorded last year, etc.?

Yup. Just about any recorded content you share, we can likely use. The exception is if audio quality is too poor to be usable in a podcast, and keep in mind that podcasts aren’t ideal for visual demonstrations like showing what’s on your screen or handling some kind of product or device. We’ll work with you on content ideas in our first sessions together.

I'm nervous behind a microphone and would like to read from a script. Is that ok?

Probably not. AttractionEngine is ideal for experts who enjoy talking about their craft, or are capable of being extemporaneous about a topic they’re knowledgable about. Scripted content generally performs poorly with audiences.

Can multiple people on my team contribute to my company's AttractionEngine episodes?

Yes! Recordings can come from a single expert, a group conversation, a rotating list of people on your team – whatever works for you. We’ll establish a single point of administrative contact in our initial meeting together and get to know the talent you have in mind.

Do I own everything?

Yes, all the content is yours, not ours.

Does AttractionEngine require a long term contract?

No, you’re free to stop any time. Setup fees are not refundable, and your AttactionEngine is designed to run in 3-month sprints. But if you don’t see the value and we can’t make it right, we’ll shake hands and wish you the best. We’ll work with you to transfer any files and other necessary assets over a 6 week period after ending our relationship.

What kinds of results can you promise?

We don’t promise results, because there are too many outside factors that can impact performance like your business plan, pricing, sales philosophies, overall marketing strategies, etc that AttractionEngine isn’t designed to address. We can promise: passion, experienced expertise, attention to detail, and execution, all done for you. We promise to make the process easy for you.

Can you help me with all that marketing strategy?
How quickly will I get podcast subscribers, social media followers, etc.

All kinds of things impact this, so there’s no quick answer. Factors like you, your business or industry, what you sell or produce, existing followers or subscribers, or what kinds of topics you cover. With any content marketing, but especially with podcasting, it’s useful to have a long-term perspective. Getting to your first 500 subscribers can take awhile, but getting your next 500 after that takes much less time, and your next thousand after that can come quickly. Success begets success, and AttractionEngine is in it for the long haul with you.

Why can't my in-house marketing person or team do this?

Maybe you should ask them this question. But we can lead or support your existing people with custom workflows, and of course we’ll adjust our pricing accordingly.

What if I miss a week or am having trouble keeping up?

Our built-in calendar reminders help you stay on track. Your invoice with us isn’t dependent on our receiving your content, however, so it’s certainly in your best interest to get your money’s worth by dedicating time to making your recordings. We’re always flexible to adjust production cadences – for instance, every other week rather than weekly.

What if 60 minutes/month is too short and I have more to say?

Awesome! Our general guidance is the content should dictate the timing, not the other way around – we’ve just found 60 minutes is realistic for most people. We can customize services to accommodate longer sessions, and if we find you’re consistently going over an expected 60 minutes each month, we’ll make some recommendations to accommodate you.






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