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Put an expert on your crew as your virtual or fractional chief marketing officer

A part-time CMO could be your ticket to stellar marketing results.

Working with Chris is challenging in all the best ways. His creativity, clarity, and willingness to collaborate inspire me to up my game and respond in kind. He combines a focus on results with a care for relationships that few balance effectively.

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Client happy with the creativity of Chris Bintliff from Not Really Rocket Science


Nobody’s flying this thing, let’s hope we don’t crash


Non-marketers are making too many marketing decisions

Having opinions about marketing does not make one a marketer, yet a lot of businesses make marketing decisions based on opinions and feelings instead of experience and expertise.


Business leaders (like you!) are figuring out marketing stuff instead of focusing on guidance and vision

You – a business leader, decision-maker, owner or founder – are out here googling solutions and scratching your head on digital marketing instead of leading the vision of your company. Or you, a marketing leader in your company, want (maybe need!) to make the right next moves to help modernize a marketing engine.


You’re all up in the tactical

Facebook wants you to boost a post. Google’s sending you discounts off of Adwords campaigns. The cool kids are using Tik-Tok. Right? That is what the cool kids are doing? 


You have a team, but you’re lacking some skills and leadership

You might have made some capable marketing hires who aren’t strategic or experienced. Without a navigator they’re just out here flying blind.


You don't have a team but you think you're doing okay

See bullet 3. And 2. and 1.


Measurement? What measurement?

What are you tracking as key performance indicators to marketing’s performance in your company? What should you be tracking? Why? How does marketing connect to sales and revenue goals?


Brand? What brand?

You’re not sure what your brand is or how to describe it, and nobody else in the company could consistently and predictably do so. If you don’t know who you are, how are your customers supposed to know?


You don’t want or need a full time marketing executive (or you’re not sure)

An experienced Chief Marketing Officer is a 6-figure full time employee. Not every company is ready for that kind of commitment or sure what they need from the position, or why.


Imagine a seasoned marketing pro in the pilot’s seat, taking your company to places you never imaged.


Imagine having a results-driven, strategic approach to marketing

Know what you should do, why, and when.


Imagine experienced, expert leadership

From a marketing pro who’s familiar with executive decision making, business challenges, ownership and organizational dynamics. Define success, then get counsel and insight into your customer experience, value proposition, marketing and sales funnels, and the right strategic and tactical steps to achieve success.


Imagine a purpose-driven team

With a leader who’s style is easy but built on clear expectation, encouraging and educational. For companies that already have a small team, get ready to realize their potential.


Imagine access to proven frameworks that drive impact

Consider your needs met: Figuring out your ideal customer and connecting them to a meaningful marketing message; Knowing the right tools for the job to why and when to use them; Having a plan laid out with accountability. The machinery of marketing will run smoothly in your company at last.


Imagine saving time and money

Trying stuff that doesn’t work is expensive and time consuming. Managing marketing people and projects steals your time and attention from other priorities. Having little to show for it is discouraging. Relax, you’re about to be light years away from those problems.



My name is Chris Bintliff

  • I’m a seasoned career digitalist who’s helped companies like yours and brands we’ve all heard of make their marketing more meaningful.
  • I’ve helped businesses like yours develop measurable (often dramatic!) business impact as a result of better, smarter digital marketing.
  • My strategic, tactical, and creative work has won awards and won customers.
  • Companies who enlist me as a CMO consistently outperform goals we set and, especially when additionally engaging our Agency relationship, often see an ROI of well over 200%.


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  • Website Design
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Here’s how it works and what to know

CMO services are immersive for both of us. Opportunities are limited and selective. We start with a simple conversation together to see if we’re a good fit.

I’m a good fit for you if:

  • You recognize you have a marketing leadership problem. It’s okay if you’re not exactly sure what that problem is, I’ll figure it out.
  • You’re not in crisis. I can’t save your company and I’m not a reputation manager.
  • You value integrity, entrepreneurial thinking, and creative problem solving.
  • You’re self aware about your strengths and limitations, and open to how a new perspective can shape marketing results in your business.
  • You’re driven but not high-strung. Creative work doesn’t thrive under tension and interpersonal pressures. I’m a good fit for organizations that have a sense of humor, are curious, and committed.
  • You’re willing to do things differently. Being willing to let go of something allows us to grasp new opportunities. I don’t create change for change’s sake, but you can count on me to create change.


Put high performance marketing leadership, guidance and expertise to work in your company.


$1500 – $10,000/mo

Retainers are typically 6-24 months. Variables impacting the retainer include weekly hours allotted, people being managed, sophistication of the challenges identified and more. It starts with an easy conversation together.

According to Payscale.com, the average annual salary for a CMO is around $175,000. Yeah, we should probably talk.


This is easy

A few need-to-knows

What if we've never had a marketing leader before?

That’s okay, many companies haven’t, or have had the wrong person in the role. I’ll help you establish best practices. You don’t need to know what your marketing leadership problem is to know you have a marketing leadership problem.

How long is a commitment?

Minimum six months, but often we’ll chart a path for 12-24 months. Marketing takes time, and learning from marketing to create momentum takes opportunity and experience. We’ll define what works best for you as we get started. If we decide to work together there’s an easy-out clause; neither of us should be in the relationship if it isn’t working.

We don't have a team. Do we still need a CMO?

Maybe. What’s your market presence? What’s your brand? Who is your competetion and what’s their situation? There’s a lot to consider, and with an easy conversation we can start considering them together.

We have a team already. How does a CMO help?

Many marketing teams are built on perceived needs. Manage social media. Write blogs. Schedule trade shows or events. A CMO first aligns strategic imperatives to business objectives. I ask why a lot. Your team might be directionless, or inconsistent, or even doing things that ultimately aren’t helping you win business. Without even knowing it. I fix this.

Why would we need a team if we hire you? Don't you do all the stuff?

I don’t do all the stuff. I can do much of the stuff, or we can engage our agency to put my team of creatives to work alongside me, dedicated to your success. But among my recommendations in leadership might be specialized services or skills or additional investments into people, processes, or platforms to help you succeed. I have broad skills across creative disciplines, which I’ll put to work for you. But the pilot is not also the mechanic and the luggage handler and the flight attendant.

We're a start-up. Do we need a CMO?

Maybe. How much attention is being paid on things like knowing your ideal customer and their journey into doing business with you? How much brand work are you doing, or competitive analysis? What are your existing marketing channels, strategies or tactics? A CMO should not always be among your first considerations, but questions like these should be. I can help.

What do we get if you're our CMO?

We’ll figure that out as we shape the right relationship for you. In all cases, you get the best of me. Generally, there are tangible deliverables like creative, campaigns, design, content and other other marketing tactics. This is mixed with less tangible value like ideas, creativity, direction and innovation. There’s an addage that’s relevant – sometimes the value isn’t in the hammering of nails, but knowing which nails to hammer.

What can't you do?

While I’m an analytics nerd, I’m not a data engineer. I’m not intimidated by people or problems, but I’m unafraid to acknowledge when I’m out of my sweet spot or over my head. I have to feel curious and interested in what you do to put curiosity and interest to work for you. I’m not interested or experienced in multi-level-marketing. I won’t work on anything I’m not proud to tell my daughter about.





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