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Put me in your space

After a day we had clear cut ideas on how to get serious with our content marketing and social strategies. Chris is honest but not condescending, pointed us in the direction of how to be better, and got everybody believing in who we were and what we’re capable of.

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Client happy with the creativity of Chris Bintliff from Not Really Rocket Science


Getting a marketing project launched or into orbit would help you succeed and free up your time

Buying my day is for companies with established digital marketing that don’t require ground-up invention. You could use the expert eye, curious craftiness, or pixel-popping design skills of a top-tier marketer to tighten some bolts on your engine or get it in gear.


Compelling content strategy basic training


Infographic. One-pager. Sell-sheet. Something visually awesome.


Professional review and recommendations of your marketing funnel, from website to landing pages to lead generation and more.


User experience review. Website copy and content touch-ups.


Campaign copywriting. Detailed Design.


Go from ideation to proof of concept


Establishing your email automation, from installation to integrations and your first 3 workflows.


A product or services landing page customized for conversion


Sales, marketing, or pitch deck refresh


Brief promotional video, script, voice over, or maybe all of that


Mix and match. Swap and scale.

I’ll be your captain for today’s flight

You don’t need to know what you don’t know

Buying my day is like punching your ticket into my Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


Maybe you know exactly what you need to have done and I’m the guy to check items off the list.


Or maybe you aren't sure just what needs doing, only what kind of result you’d like to achieve. In that case I’ll build the list and get to work.

Here’s what a Day might look like


2 hours in the morning presenting to your executive or marketing teams on the essentials of the modern marketing engine, so you get moving in the right direction.


A few hours reviewing your website, where I’ll record my experience and make specific recommendations on improvements for better business outcomes.


Re-writing your website homepage, with instructions for design changes, to boost impact.

Or maybe something like this


Keyword and competitive analysis to better understand how your website is performing among your competitors.


Meeting with your executive or marketing teams as you share your most urgent concerns and issues and offering my expert guidance on ways to improve or resolve.


Installing an email service provider, scrubbing and importing your lists of interested subscribers, integrating with your website and building your first 3 automated workflows.

Hang on here’s another one


Marketing and brand strategy discussion with your leaders to explore what your top challenges and frustrations are. I’ll provide new ways thinking.


Full website review, recording my experiencing and building a full to-do list for you to reinvent, recalibrate, redesign or just refine with confidence.


Review your last 2-3 marketing emails, from subject line to design and content, and writing your next 2-3 for you so you can learn how to improve for the future.



My name is Chris Bintliff

  • I’m a seasoned career digitalist who’s helped companies like yours and brands we’ve all heard of make their marketing more meaningful.
  • I’ve helped businesses like yours develop measurable (often dramatic!) business impact as a result of better, smarter digital marketing.
  • My strategic, tactical, and creative work has won awards and won customers
  • I’m recognized as “a guy you want in the room” when talking strategy, marketing, digital, creative and impact.


Here’s how it works and what you get

Before you buy my day, you’ll schedule a 30 minute meeting with me to explore what you want to achieve together. If I’m confident I can help (I usually am) I’ll close the loop on payment and scheduling our day together.

The day starts with a 30-60 minute Zoom call where we talk about the plans, make any strategic or tactical decisions together, and itemize what great should look like by day’s end. Then I go to work. If you want updates throughout the day, great. I don’t need hand-holding.

At the end of the day I’ll submit any files or work I’ve done (Dropbox or Google) and a video that walks you through everything.


The cost of not doing this is higher than the investment




You don’t pay until I’m certain I can help, and that starts with an easy conversation together. In the business we call that an easy yes.


  • Buy my hour
  • Website Audit
  • Marketing Strategy
  • CMO

This is easy

A few need-to-knows

When do I pay?

When I’m certain I can help, which happens after a short meeting together. How’s that for low barrier to entry?

What do you consider a day, exactly?

8 hours, starting with a meeting at 8am Pacific Time and ending with my deliverables at 4pm Pacific Time.

I'm concerned about sharing some inner-workings of my business.

Don’t be. Anything you share with me is shared in strict confidence. I’ve also worked with major brands and their highly secretive product roadmaps; I’ve earned my reputation and longevity in my career by doing things with integrity.

I know exactly what I need. Can you just get to work or are you going to want to talk about things for 3 hours first?

Yep, we can just get to work. In our morning meeting we’ll go through your punchlist and I’ll get stuff done.

What if I don't know what I need? Will you help me figure it out?

Yes. When you schedule this conversation we’ll talk through what you’re trying to achieve. I’ll help guide your path forward.

Can you keep me posted throughout the day?

Sure. Howeer you like to work – I can provide regular updates or a single update at day’s end.

Can you get all of [your important thing] done in a single day?

A short conversation helps me understand what you’re looking for. I’ll let you know if I’m concerned, and I’ll suggest alternatives.

Can you write/design/create around highly technical or complex topics?

Maybe. Let’s talk so I know what you’re looking for. The more back-and-forth and collaboration required to get work done, the less quantity I can deliver in a day. If I don’t think I’m a good fit, we won’t get started.





Case Studies

Graphic Design


Motion Graphics