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RightMessage is a powerful personalization tool created by Brennan Dunn, the dynamic mind and personality behind Double Your Freelancing and Mastering Drip. He’d developed a powerful suite of code and tools that he’d been using to connect the behaviors recorded from his Drip subscribers and reflecting them back onto his website to better personalize the experience. He put a team together and evolved his toolkit into a web app. When I first heard about it on Brennan’s Twitter timeline it went like this:

His work on RightMessage coincided exactly with my redesigning my website, which was a long and slow process done in early mornings, late nights and long weekends (client works comes first.) I was building a cornerstone lead generation/relationship building email course and I knew I wanted to learn all I could about putting RightMessage into my workflow.

Personalization = Delight

RightMessage works so seamlessly and elegantly into my personal and professional philosophies that someday I hope to buy Brennan and his team a beer and nerd out about this stuff. Poke around my blog and website and you’ll see touchstones on how my modern marketing engine works:

  • Transactional customers are interested in saving money and Practical customers want to save time or effort. These customers are born, not made, and they’re relatively low hanging fruit. They’re also where a lot of sales and marketing teams spend most of their time.
  • Aspirational customers are crafted, not born. They are nurtured from having experiences. When we succeed in developing aspirational relationships, these customers become our evangelists, our believers and our followers, and our most loyal customers. It’s easy to satisfy the transactional and practical customers. Aspirational customers aren’t interested in being satisfied. They want to be delighted.
  • Most small and medium businesses leave it to the business relationship, rather than the buying relationship, to develop aspirational behaviors. This is why you see “Customer satisfaction is our number one priority” and similar things in taglines or marketing language. This thinking relies on impressing people once they become customers with excellent service and personalized attention. That’s great – definitely important – but why aren’t we giving this same kind of attention to the buying journey?

Aspirational customers aren’t interested in being merely satisfied. They want to be delighted.

In my modern marketing engine we focus on three aspects of developing aspirational customers before they start a contract or buy a thing. Investigation, education, and personalization. We investigate what keeps people up at night, what’s frustrating them, what makes them tick and what they’re looking for. We educate so they can understand their problem better or learn how to solve their problem with your help. And we personalize the experience in big and small ways. For sales professionals, for instance, I coach that sending a followup email that says “checking in” in the subject line with pleads for carving time out on somebody’s calendar is the worst way to try and earn business – you’re just giving your very busy prospect stuff to do. But if you investigate their issues first and then send along a helpful link to an article or video (bonus points if you make it yourself) that helps them understand the issues, that’s a personalized experience. Now you’re adding value. (By the way, these are skills  that requires mastery. I have a course dedicated to learning to craft your best customer which might interest you.)

This is important – there is no distinction between personalization done well and delight. Or said another way, the sum of investigation + education + personalization = delight. Delight occurs from a surprising or unexpected benefit. The minimum I expect the waiter to do is bring my food. I’m delighted when he brings it over with free ice cream. I’m satisfied when I go to Walmart and buy an iPad. I’m delighted when the Apple Store invites me to have them set it up or sit in on a free class to learn how to use it. It doesn’t matter that Apple invites every single person in the same way or if the waiter brings ice cream to everybody – I didn’t expect it, so therefore it feels personalized. I’m surprised and delighted, and now this waiter or restaurant or store stands out. They’re likely to get my repeat business. I’ll tell my friends about the experience.

For your users/customers, there is no distinction between personalization and delight.

RightMessage provides a digital pathway to delight. In the video I show you how I use data from Drip, my favorite marketing and email automation platform, to instruct RightMessage on how to customize content for a high performance sales page. With Drip’s data and RightMessage’s technology, I can:

  • Greet my subscriber by name, the role they play in the company, and the main issue or concern that brought them into a relationship with me
  • Offer them specific recommendations and guidance on which of my products or services could be of most value to them
  • Customize my website so these valuable relationships are nurtured with language that welcomes them, guides them, and shows or hides things that are most or least relevant to them.

As I say in the video – and often at work – this is truly transformational. Most websites, particularly of small and medium businesses, are informational. Transformational experiences and content encourage people to take action, build excitement, pique curiosity and ultimately drive interest, change or business.

We’re on the edge of a very exciting era in digital marketing, where personalization and automation can take old one-to-many models out and truly give people unique one-to-one experiences. RightMessage and Drip are leading the way with this and I can’t wait to see the changes on the way.

Here’s what I’d like you to do next:

If you haven’t yet, watch the video above. Then, well this stuff is much better experienced than talked about. Sign up and experience my automated email course for yourself and explore the potential.

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