The experience between your customer and you is your Website

The experience between your customer and you is your Website


of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases


is the number of searches B2B buyers conduct before engaging on a specific company’s website


is the increase in sales opportunities that nurtured leads produce versus non-nurtured leads

Hang around me long enough and you’ll hear me say (a lot), “Your website is not for you – it’s for your customer.” Any of us visiting a website is on a mission. We’re expecting specific answers quickly and easily. And if we find ourselves delighted with the experience we’re having and the information we’re learning we’ll dig in even deeper. Your website visitor wants you to help them with the mission they’re on or get out of the way, and most websites of small and medium businesses can do a much better job of helping to nurture the buyer’s journey.

I have the unique perspective of marketer, technician, and user experience expert. I combine these skills to first, audit your existing website to discover opportunities to better nurture your customers and deliver valuable leads and insights to you. I look at things like language, tone, graphics, design and layout. I also look at keyword strength, lead generating opportunities, and how you’re responding to a customer’s unique path with the structure and content of your website.

Outcomes of this consultation include a detailed analysis of a Web Experience audit for your site, a Functional and Creative Brief that follows a Web Discovery workshop so we can build the best site for you and your customers, and detailed recommendations for you to deliver to your development team or to engage my team for a redesign.

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