Know Your Ideal Customer. Develop Targeted Marketing That Proves It.

The biggest issue companies face with marketing success is they don’t know their story and they don’t know who cares about it. Get this right and everything else in your marketing becomes inevitable.


Tired of trying all the tactics with nothing to show for it?


You’ve tried all kinds of markety-type-stuff.

Spent a few dollars on ads here and there. Got on all the social media channels. Put some effort (and money) into a new website. All with no movement on that proverbial needle.


Nobody Knows What Nobody Knows

If you asked 5 people in your company, “what do our customers value most” you’d get 5 different answers. Or you’ve never thought to ask what your customers value most – you just assume everybody knows.


You have a lot of assumptions and best guesses

Quick, what motivates your customers most – savings, convenience, or experience? If you answered huh? we should talk.


Surveying or focus groups isn't realistic for you

Your company doesn’t have a robust email list or significant website traffic that allows for meaningful data capture, but you know you need to do better.


Picture having an intimate knowledge of what your ideal customer needs that only you can provide (and why!)


Guesswork - eliminated. Gut-checks - gone

Assumptions and hunches are not business plans or marketing strategies. Begin working from a shared knowledge, vocabulary and understanding of your customer.


Know with confidence

The key characteristics of what your customer values most (and how it’s probably not what you think it is) and demonstrate that knowledge in how you approach new customers.


Define what most motivates your customers

And use that insight to drive more sales (and more repeat business) with more relevant content.


Understand what your customer knows - and doesn't know

Then articulate that understanding on your website, content marketing, and more.



My name is Chris Bintliff

  • I’m a seasoned career digitalist who’s helped companies like yours and brands we’ve all heard of make their marketing more meaningful.
  • I’ve helped businesses like yours develop measurable (often dramatic!) business impact as a result of better, smarter digital marketing.
  • My strategic, tactical, and creative work has won awards and won customers
  • Sojourner is one of two crucial workshops we start every large or long-term Agency project, now available to you as an easy standalone solution to strengthen your marketing.


Here’s how it works and what you get

You and 2-3 others from your team will join me for two separate sessions of 2-hours each, over Zoom.

I’ll guide us through creating a Market-Value Fit; the intersection where what you do best meets customers who need it most (and are willing to pay for it).

In Session One we’ll focus on your customer, exploring and giving structure to:

  • What your customers value most
  • What motivates them
  • Their stakeholder role

We’ll also explore what your customers are trying to accomplish, the things getting in the way of succeeding, what would delight and surprise them in getting help to succeed.

Together we’ll build a psycho-demographic profile – a fancy phrase that helps us picture, literally, a day in the life of your ideal customer.

In Session Two we’ll focus on your unique value proposition – your story – and articulate:

  • How your products and services alleviate pain and friction for customers
  • Your unique offerings that surprise, delight, or set you apart from competitors
  • Ways you do – or do not – play a part in the day-in-the-life of your ideal customer, and how you could.

Then in 3-5 days I’ll return an analysis and recommendations that includes:

  • Easy to understand characteristics of your ideal customer that your entire organization can internalize and articulate – no more guesswork or gut-feelings.
  • Attributes to prioritize and focus on for both your customer and your company – you’ll tell the right story to the right audience.
  • Overview of essential marketing methods, design, words or channels to better command the buying journey of your customer – what tactics make sense.
  • Delivered in a strategic brief, graphic PDF, and video walkthrough that may showcase examples of what to start, stop, and contine doing to maximize your marketing opportunities.

You’ll know specific characteristics of your ideal customer, what they expect from your marketing, and how to position what you do to be more relevant and attractive to them.

When you know which levers to pull, your marketing engine runs smoother, faster, and more efficiently.


Ground your marketing in a strategy built on knowing your customer and what they care most about.



Which distinguishes those who are serious about marketing success and its potential impact on sales and business, and is easily recouped through my recommendations.

It’s also risk free. If after I deliver my analysis you think I’ve wasted your time or not set you on a clearer path to success, I’ll give you your money back.


This is easy

A few need-to-knows

What happens after I pay?

You’ll receive a link to schedule 2 hours in my calendar for our Sojourner sessions. Please make sure you’ve coordinated with any others on your team that might be joining the call (3 people max from your team, please).

I'm concerned about sharing some inner-workings of my business.

Don’t be. Anything you share with me is shared in strict confidence, and I need a complete understanding to make my best, most informed recommendations. I’ve also worked with major brands and their highly secretive product roadmaps; I’ve earned my reputation and longevity in my career by doing things with integrity.

Will you sign an NDA before our meeting?

No. For an engagement as small as this, it doesn’t make sense to get lawyers involved.

We're just starting up or are a pretty young company. Is this right for us?

Yes. This is the smartest thing you can do to get started.

Do you guarantee the results of your recommendations?

No, and no legitimate marketer can make guarantees like that (so avoid those making crazy promises). Marketing has, like any business investment, inherent risks and the potential for learning can sometimes be the most valuable result. I’ll have confidence in my recommendations, though, and I have a proven track record of success so you can be confident too.

What if after you deliver your recommendations and analysis I think you’re a lying stealing charlatan with not a single good idea rattling about his head?

The results I recommend can’t be guaranteed, but the value of my analysis and recommendations is. If you think I’ve wasted your time, I’ll give you your money back.





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