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Connect marketing strategies and tactics to your customer's journey and make more sales.

Marketing That Makes Money 

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If your organization is struggling to define the practical, actionable impact of your marketing initiatives and make smarter business decisions about marketing, this powerful resource is for you.

Hey there, I'm Chris Bintliff. In helping some of the best and biggest companies transform their digital relationships I've learned how to help sales-focused small and medium businesses grow. I call my company - and my approach to marketing - Not Really Rocket Science, and I've helped my clients achieve significant sales growth and sustainable marketing performance. I've put some of the essentials of how I do it inside this powerful email course and personalized it just for you.

Not Really Rocket Science

"To say Chris has figured out how to empower your business would be an understatement! His approach should be the industry standard and I simply would not consider developing a marketing strategy in the future without him."

- Marc, President, technology consultancy

"Chris Bintliff’s leadership, creativity, business and technology intelligence and engaging consulting style have helped us maximize marketing in ways we never thought possible. We’ve experienced tremendous business growth from the outcomes of his unique and dynamic approach, comprehensive understanding of business and the changing marketplace."

- Chris, COO, people development company

Marketing Strategy

This FREE 7-Lesson Email Course Is Unlike Any Training You've Experienced

  • No fluff. No softballs. Each lesson is about a 5 minute read and is packed with proven concepts and practices to completely rethink marketing in your organization.
  • Stop chasing unicorns. No gimmicks or gizmos to get eleventy zillion new followers by Thursday. That's not how real business works.
  • Deep insights and advice especially tailored for you, whether you're a marketing pro, sales pro, or executive. This smart course uses advanced automation insights to "learn" as you go and adapts content to best address your unique pain points.
  • Lessons are interactive - each email is followed by a short worksheet that asks you to honestly examine what's working and where you can commit to change. Share the results with others in your organization to start transformation. The worksheets drive deeper personalization of your course.
  • Explore in-depth the "five gears" of my results-driven Modern Marketing Engine: Your marketing identity, marketing strategy, web experience, content strategy and personalization through automation. 
  • Go at your own pace. Complete the worksheets and immedately get the next lesson, or wait until your next lesson arrives the next day.

Especially for marketing pro's, business executives & sales leaders

Lesson 1: You Don't Sell What You Think You Sell 3 min read: Keys to understanding a critical difference between you and your customer.

Lesson 2: The Real Reasons Marketing Isn't Making You Money About a 5 minute read. The 3 things you have to consider about your marketing/sales processes to improve performance.

Lesson 3: How YOU Might Be Preventing Marketing Success Around a 4 minute read. Some specific ways you can improve executive buy-in and support for marketing by changing some behaviors. Separate tracks for Marketing Pros, Sales Pros and Executives

Lesson 4: Take Command Of Your Performance About a 5 minute read: Let's look honestly at the skills and capabilities you're bringing to your team, your organization, and your profession and chart a course to extraordinary. Separate tracks for Marketing Pros and Sales Pros/Executives

Lesson 5: How to Connect With EVERY Customer Through Content About a 5 minute read: Let's look at how to approach content marketing with a unique modern funnel that works from your customer's perspective.

Lesson 6: Assessing Your Website's Potential For Performance About a 5 minute read: I'm going to guide you through a quick and dirty "soft-audit" of your website experience to see how it's performing for you.

Lesson 7: Perfecting the Handoff to Sales About a 5 minute read. We talk about how sales and marketing can better connect on the customer and process so your modern marketing machine is running at high speed and full strength!

Bonus! Linked articles, downloads and other resources help you build your toolkit for deeper understanding and high performance.

You control your journey. Finish the whole course in around half an hour or in 5 minutes a day for a week.

Align your customer to your marketing to your sales and rethink how marketing works in your organization.