The intersection between your customer and you is Marketing Strategy

The intersection between your customer and you is Marketing Strategy


of companies that aren’t exceeding revenue goals don’t know their visitor, lead, MQL, or sales opportunities


of business leaders don’t know whether their marketing efforts resulted in closed-won deals


Of salespeople say leads they receive from marketing are very high quality

Effective marketing strategy doesn’t start with a blog post or Facebook ad, or even with a killer website. Great marketing strategy starts with process. Aligning marketing goals to business and sales objectives requires deep integration into the culture of an organization while marketing teams need to be driven by key performance indicators that are specific and measurable.

I can help you develop a common language about marketing in your organization, so that everybody from the marketing pro to the sales rep to the executive have the same understanding and expectations of marketing’s role. Assessing realities and opportunities from within multiple departments and key stakeholders helps me define and demonstrate where specific action might be required, and enlisting practical, actionable tools helps everybody stay informed and accountable. Then I can help you define and execute on strategic imperatives and KPI’s that align with marketing campaigns and tactics that are purposeful for your audience.

Outcomes include multiple worksheets, assessments and processes to help drive marketing initiatives. A Strategic Messaging Map can help give simple, predictable and powerful language to your marketing and sales teams, and my Dollars and Science formulas help us reverse-engineer your revenue goals to develop specific marketing goals.

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