“Not Really Rocket Science was, quite simply, the single best investment I've made since starting my own business.”

Sara Woodruff, Silver Creek Paddle

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If you’re like many small businesses, your website isn’t working for you.  It’s not earning its keep.  It’s sitting out there taking up space, offering your customers little more than a phone number.

Let’s change that.



of small businesses have no strategy.

They’re “going with their guts” about what to say, when to say it, and who their audience is.


are creating different content for web, social, and email.

This needless effort wastes 10+ hours per week!  That’s crazy.



give up on a poor experience.

They get frustrated and assume we don’t care about them.


end up buying from a competitor!

We’re just giving business away.



of adults use social media.

Our customers, prospects, and competition are talking about things we care about.


Yet nearly half of small businesses aren’t using social media.

And those that are often aren’t using it strategically.



of US consumers made a purchase as the result of an email.


of us check email every day.


Yet nearly half of small businesses aren’t using email marketing.

And those that are often aren’t using it strategically.

dark clouds

Your website and its satellites (like social media and
 email campaigns) are crucial lead generating, business building, relationship-making tools.  For them to be successful, you need a digital strategy.


Many small businesses dramatically underutilize this power because social media, blogging, and digital strategies can feel confusing, intimidating, or overwhelming.

Many other small businesses are doing their best with this stuff, but lack the right content, information, and understanding to improve engagement and business results.  They lack the right digital strategy.

Fun digital strategy workshops with Chris Bintliff and Not Really Rocket Science

Not Really Rocket Science: Start Your Strategy is a fun, easy, informative day of hands-on, interactive conversation, analysis, and instruction to help you discover new online strategies and improve what you’re already doing.

It’s designed to take the confusion and intimidation out of digital business so yours can start working

“To say Chris has figured out how to empower your digital strategy would be an understatement! Chris’ approach to building an effective web presence should be the industry standard. Not Really Rocket Science can help your organization drive more traffic to your site, deliver content that will matter, leverage social media, and make your website a powerhouse among your competition. I simply would not consider developing an online strategy in the future without consulting Chris.“

Marc Strazzanti, President of Cogent Solutions
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We’ll follow the


These four crucial steps of digital strategy build one upon the other.  Miss one and you’ll have a tough time reaching orbit.


contentstrategyThe right content at the right times for the right people for the right reasons.


webexperienceWhat it’s like for your customers to use your website, and its business impact.


generatetrafficMeeting people where they are with the right content to build relationships.


converttoleadsTurning visitors into friends and friends into customers with the right offerings.

With Not Really Rocket Science: Start With Strategy, you won’t just be learning, you’ll be doing.  You won’t only understand, you’ll diagnose.

We’ll be holding your website (and your competition’s!) and digital strategies up against everything we’re learning.  You’ll come to take an objective view of what you’re doing now and what changes can help you put your website to work.

Post-Flight Support To Execute Your Digital Strategies

After our workshop, you’ll be empowered with new potential and possibilities.  I’ll help you make the most of what you’ve learned.

Included personalized Post-Flight Analysis document takes you through the new digital strategies you’ve built and offers my guidance for what you should consider next.

Follow-up workshops to master the technical work required to really change your flight pattern.


  • Blogging that Builds Relationships
  • Stellar Evergreens: Content Worth A Trade
  • Not Really Lunar Landing Pages
  • Social Strategies: From Clueless to Conversion
  • Taking Flight with Twitter: From Perplexed to Powerful
Full design and development services to take your digital properties into orbit.  From a new website to managing your social media, my agency can get you there.

Hey there, I’m Chris Bintliff.  I’ve spent my career helping small businesses and huge companies improve online impact and engagement.  I’m passionate about empowering people just like you to create better, more effective online experiences.  (Not Really) Rocket Science shapes over 15 years of digital design and content expertise into powerful but easy learning materials that will help you do better business.  This flagship workshop, Start Your Strategy, will help you answer questions you didn’t know you had.  Find out more – download the curriculum and get a feel for what the day is like.  Then get ready to elevate your digital business!

From content and creation, design and discovery, writing and workshops: these are a few of my valued relationships.

Download the (Not Really) Rocket Science curriculum!



Download the curriculum now for Not Really Rocket Science: Start Your Strategy!

Full day immersive, hands-on workshop to understand and develop your digital strategies

Build your Content Strategy
Explore your users’ Web Experience
Understand how to Generate Traffic
Learn how to Convert Leads
Personalized Post-Flight Analysis with guidance for your next steps
Follow-up support and services available

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