Better Webinars in One Week

Learn how to design high performance webinars: Stop making presentations and start creating experiences.

  • High performance, high impact webinars are the result of paying attention to the right things and delivering them at the right times. 
  • This free 7-day email course + 25 page ebook with strategy worksheet will help you do what so many webinars don't - attract better business relationships through better webinar experiences.

What's Inside

Day 1: Avoid the First Mistake

Why everybody who starts building a webinar by opening Powerpoint is wrong

Day 2: Start With the Hero

How one of the best things you can do for your credibility is to not talk about you

Day 3: Be Beautiful

How confidence in you is affected - positvely or negatively - by basically two things

Day 4: Command & Control

How simply being prepared is one of the best business decisions you can make for your webinar

Day 5: Build Some Business

How to introduce your pitch in a way that pulls your audience along (rather than push them off a cliff)

Day 6: The End Isn't the End

Why what you do after your webinar is almost as important as what you do inside it

Day 7: ebook + Strategy Guide

Continue your journey to better webinars with my ebook The Essential Strategy Guide to Designing High Performance Webinars with included strategy worksheet. Everything you need to start smart, with the fill-in-the-blank resources.

What My Clients Say

"Chris doesn't just fill in gaps, he builds bridges to new ideas. He has more passion, insight and client-first dedication than anyone I've ever partnered with."

-Tim, Marketing Executive at a major consumer electronics company

"Chris provides innovative ideas that have enabled our organization to immediately realize tangible results. Most importantly he's helped us change the way we think."

-Kelli, Sales Executive at an $8MM consultancy

"Our attendee rates have increased more than 50% because of Chris's coaching. Thanks to Chris webinars are definitely our most powerful marketing channel."

-Jodi, Marketing Director at a 50+ employee services firm

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Course Author

Chris Bintliff

Digital Communications Pro & Webinar Expert

Chris 20+ year veteran of digital marketing & communication strategies with a career involving designer, creative director, online learning expert, strategist, marketing executive and consultant. Always curious and never bored, Chris speaks, trains, coaches & consults on modern digital story telling. He's on a mission to empower people to build better digital experiences.  

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