About Not Really Rocket Science

(and its creator, Chris Bintliff)

Not Really Rocket Science is the result of over 15 years of professional digital experience and expertise.  I put this to work for you so you can learn, understand, and grow what it takes to make an impact with your online experiences and digital strategies.


To say Chris has figured out how to empower your online strategy would be an understatement.  Chris’ Not Really Rocket Science approach to building an effective digital strategy should be the industry standard.  I simply would not consider developing an online strategy in the future without consulting Chris.

Marc Strazzanti

President, Cogent Solutions

Not Really Rocket Science was designed to address a few crucial concerns facing small businesses today:

Your customers are coming to you later in the buying process than ever before.  By the time they’re ready to do business, they’ve done a ton of research already.  Online.  They’re informed, prepared, and probably know a lot about you.  What do you know about them?

Your website and its satellites (like social media and
 email campaigns) are crucial lead generating, business building, relationship-making tools.


Many small businesses dramatically underutilize this power because social media, blogging, and digital outreach strategies can feel confusing, intimidating, or overwhelming.

Many other small businesses are doing their best with this stuff, but lack the right content, information, and understanding to improve engagement and business results.

(Not Really) Rocket Science takes the confusion and intimidation out of creating online experiences and digital strategies that work.

Chris Bintliff with an iPad and huge cup of coffee at a round table

“Okay cool.  But Chris – who are you man?  I mean, who are you?”

Chris Bintliff doesn’t just fill in gaps, he builds bridges to new ideas.  He has more passion, insight and client-first dedication than anyone I’ve ever partnered with.

Tim Goldman

Senior Trainer, Product Marketing, Sony

The intersection of technology and communication has been my life’s work and passion.  I studied Music Production and Engineering at the Berklee College of Music in Boston on my way to a degree in music technology.


I learned to listen for nuance.  I learned it’s often taking things out of the mix, rather than adding-to, that creates perfect balance.  That the complexity of technology can establish simplicity in communication to create an experience.

Behind the mixing board in 1995 as an MP&E student at Berklee.

Chris Bintliff attended the Berklee College of Music

I had my first job with this crazy new thing called the internet in 1996 as a content producer for one of the net’s first membership destinations, Music Interactive in Boston.  Google didn’t exist yet, Steve Jobs was still fired from Apple, and Mark Zuckerberg was 11 years old.  



I built my first website by reverse-engineering the code from the site of a band I liked.  I still remember the awe I felt the first time I pushed a button and my mess of confusing code transformed into something I could see and watch and interact with.  So cool.

I designed my first website sometime around 2000.  <career>Hello world!</career>


A few years later I had my own web design business, designing online experiences for huge companies we’ve all heard of and small businesses just trying to get a boat in the water.  The internet was new and a little wild, and I had a blast – especially working with small businesses to help them understand how to position themselves in this exciting new space.

My first company, i3, was a thriving design studio until around 2005 when it evolved into new ambitions with online learning.

My career transitioned into a decade of online learning design, where I was the Creative Director and a Partner for an industry leading elearning company.  In leading a design team creating experiences for thousands of people around the world, I sharpened expert skills in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design.  I built a reputation for being an innovator, creative problem solver, and leader in client relationships.

Presenting on Modern Learning Design to the Association for Training and Development in Minneapolis in 2014.

Chris Bintliff is dynamic, enthusiastic, creative and an all around cool guy.  When he’s with you he makes you feel like you are his one and only most important client that he’s ever had.  His deliverables are not only right on target, but they are fun and creative as well. Chris adds a unique spin to seemingly everything he does and is an absolute pleasure to do business with.

Andrea Pennacchini

People Development Manager, AutoNation

I’ve developed several tools and methodologies to help shape emphasis away from strictly the technology used by people and towards the people using technology.  As a digital strategist, I help companies learn to answer critical questions about their business, their bottom line, and the people they engage with online.  I simplify complex problems into manageable action.


Chris Bintliff’s thought leadership, creativity, business and technology intelligence and engaging consulting style have helped us maximize digital engagement in ways we never thought possible. We’ve experienced tremendous business growth from the outcomes of his unique and dynamic approach, comprehensive understanding of business and the changing marketplace.

Chris Georgas

COO, The Kaleidoscope Group

Which brings us to now.  With Not Really Rocket Science, I put all my experience and expertise to work for you so that you can know and grow better online strategies.  I have four areas of focus to empower you:


that guide small businesses to creating content strategies for online engagement that works.

Learning Experiences

to help technicians master the sometimes confusing arts of blogging, social media, and content marketing.


to give you and your online priorities personalized focus and leadership.

Full Service Agency

SNOWFOX DIGITAL can help transform the strategies and skills you’ve developed into a high-performance powerhouse.

I sit down with my client Mike Kerrison to talk digital and content strategy for his video blog Breakaway Performance TV.

Let’s Connect

I’m fun to collaborate with, make things easy, and I can’t wait to see what we can do together.  Call me at (608)719-8439, or message me below.


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