Empowering people like you to know and grow better digital strategies.

Empowering small business owners like you to know and grow better digital strategies.

Empowering website builders like you to know and grow better digital strategies.

Empowering content marketers like you to know and grow better digital strategies.

Empowering bloggers like you to know and grow better digital strategies.

Empowering creatives like you to know and grow better digital strategies.

Empowering social media marketers like you to know and grow better digital strategies.

Empowering salespeople like you to know and grow better digital strategies.

Not Really Rocket Science takes the confusion and intimidation out of creating online content and digital marketing strategies that work.





Digital strategies are how your business, marketing, and communications goals and vision connect with your online audience. Not Really Rocket Science is a platform of workshops, consulting, education and design services to help people just like you to understand and create better online content:

Small business owners who know this stuff is important, but aren’t sure where to start.
Executives who aren’t really comfortable with social media or blogging, but want to know more.
Bloggers who want to build better relationships with your readers.
Marketers who want to reach the right people at the right times.
Sales people interested in the modern conversion funnel.
You, looking to get more out of your website and social presences.

You might have a website that hasn’t been updated in years, or just building one.  Maybe you’re just starting a blog.  You might have an awesome content strategy and are looking to execute.  You might not know what in the world content strategy is.  Maybe a manager just made it your job to “get us on Twitter.”  Wherever you’re coming from, whatever your role – Not Really Rocket Science can help your digital strategy take flight.



Hey there, I’m Chris Bintliff.

I’ve spent my career helping small businesses and huge companies improve online impact and engagement.  I’m passionate about empowering people to create better, more effective online experiences.  (Not Really) Rocket Science shapes over 15 years of digital design and content expertise into powerful experiences that will help you do better business.

From content and creation, design and discovery, writing and workshops: these are a few of my valued relationships.

Chris Bintliff has worked with clients like Sony, Michelin, Qualcomm, Purina and AutoNation to create better digital strategies.


I’ll give you and your online priorities personalized focus and leadership.  From content and digital strategies to design decisions to building more effective blogs, social outreach, email campaigns and more – I can help you succeed.



Not Really Flight School can get you off the ground quickly with powerful online courses about what you want to focus on right now.  Start with the flagship course Blogging That Builds Relationships!

5 Things Executives Should Know About Marketing to Improve ROI

I don't see a lot of Presidents or CEOs that have come up through the ranks of having previously been an amazing Chief Marketing Officer. Most leadership in companies come up through sales. Sales, at least conceptually, is well understood. It's easy and appropriate to...

5 steps for designing webinars that build business

Right now I have four clients in various stages developing webinars with me. Next week I’m teaching a class on designing webinars at the University of Wisconsin Business School. Yesterday I workshopped a new webinar with a client and tomorrow I’ll workshop another one...

Improving your digital security = better business

Small business owners, we need to talk. Or maybe you’re not an owner, maybe you’re an admin or a project manager or just a valued employee. Or a sole proprietor or consultant. Or just a smart person. Anyway, here’s the thing: your passwords suck. Here’s why: You’re...

A (Visual Identity) (a)Political Debate

Logos are hard. A great logo, especially in the modern digital age, has to accomplish a lot. It has to be evocative, interesting, and visually meaningful. Technically, it has to look great on a huge billboard or in the tiny footer of a document. It has to translate as...

What is Your Marketing Identity?

Seth Godin says marketing is just telling a story to people who are inclined to believe it. Marketing identity is self awareness about what makes you and your business interesting, meaningful, or unique. Knowing your marketing identity is crucial to knowing your story, and defining what you’re marketing, why, and to whom.

How To Use Video On Your Website: When, Why, How

In just the last year, Twitter has introduced Periscope, a mobile live video app. Weeks ago Facebook introduced a similar tool called Facebook Live, and Instagram has recently extended its video functionality from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. Why are all the cool kids...

What is Flash and why should you care?

Flash is a proprietary technology Flash is a technology owned by a Adobe, the same company that owns products you've probably heard of like Photoshop and Illustrator. Flash's history involves being primarily an animation tool, then becoming a powerful development...